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Will arrange all translations, and ensure that all communication between you and he contractor will be smooth, fast & crystal clear!
We will assist you on-the-spot in Spain with:

  • Pre-selection of the perfect building plot, which complies with your pre-defined characteristics
  • All contacts with local authorities, town hall, notary's office, banks, etc.
  • Obtaining connection & contracts for electricity & water supply
  • Surveys on-site during construction
  • Arranging accommodation (hotel bookings & car rental) during your short visits to the site
  • Selection of tiles, bathroom & kitchen equipment & appliances
  • Finding the perfect furniture & fabrics/upholstery supplier
  • Selecting a gardener for landscaping your future garden & assistance with negotiating of a contract for regular maintenance of your garden & pool
  • All translations & advice during all possible contacts with the contractor & all related suppliers

Furthermore, we'll be honoured to introduce you to, and to help you to discover all fine & cosy restaurants as well as the more sophisticated ones (Moraira is privileged with a variety of excellent and excquise restaurants, among them even 2 who possess a Michelin star)

-> In short: We'll make sure that you can feel at home in Moraira and that you have somebody to rely on during this challenging exploring of your new environment!

So: " No……….expensive agents or brokers " No…….. estates where all houses look alike, and where you can only choose between a couple of standard type houses " No………..environment where the landscape looks haunted by ants….


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